Single-lever mixers 50%
In a variety of models with different styles and price segments, the technology in order to reduce water consumption to over 50 % is implemented assuring at the same time the maximum comfort for the user

Showers 40% 
Headshowers are designed in order to save 40% of water consumption.

Thermostatic mixers 50%
Ramon Soler® thermostatic mixers get the perfect temperature in less than a second and also maintain the same temperature throughout the shower experience. They are equipped with flow limiter button (which can reach up to 50% water saving) and temperature limiter button (energy saving).

Sensor-level mixers 70%
Our studies demonstrate that using mixers with electronic sensor reduces water consumption of up to 70% savings. It also has the ability to set the temperature (maximum 60ºC), which also saves energy.

Self-closing mixers 70%
Our beautiful design of self-closing mixers allows a saving water consumption up to 70%. The mixers are used mainly in public spaces.
It also ensures a long service life under conditions of intensive use.